VeRocket Charts: An Insight Into Your Tokens
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VeRocket Charts: An Insight Into Your Tokens

by Alex

It has been a long-held promise between us and our users. After months of effort and tool polishing, we hereby proudly present this new feature to all of you: VeRocket Charts. It is not only a fresh dashboard but also an integral data tool that enables a highly informative and transparent experience.

When & How

Cool Features

Dark & Light Themes

We’ve bear in mind the voices of users. To deliver a more friendly service, dark mode is now a customizable option. Click on the right corner - navigate between “light” and “dark” mode.

Click to switch between light and dark themes
After all, the space is an endless dark abyss filled with void.
– VeRocket Team twitter social icon Tweet
Personal Dashboard

The core value of DEX lies in both earnings and visibility, hence, “Personal Dashboard” is created to convey this transparency.

This is the favorite page by users’ choice when beta tests were conducted. It mainly does three jobs for you:

  • Provide an overview of your token assets.
  • Tracks your swaps and liquidity actions.
  • Reminds you of the amount of VTHO that can be claimed.
Personal Dashboard of user 0x21c...
You can bookmark this page and check it from time to time.
– VeRocket Team twitter social icon Tweet
Overview of Pools and APY

Currently, there are a dozen of pools available on VeRocket.

What liquidity providers care about most is the turnover rate and how the earnings of these pools. To assist our users in gaining better knowledge without technical hassles, we decide to add an overview.

Now, never clearer than before, the APYs, trade volumes, and other data are shown to users and help them to redirect their money wisely. The pools overview includes the following data:

  • Price charts of the tokens in the pool over the last 30 days.
  • Trade volumes, APYs, and TVL of each pool over the last 30 days.
  • Transactions & liquidity history occurred on the pool.
Price chart keeps token prices for the last 30 days.
– VeRocket Team twitter social icon Tweet
External Cross-reference

Thanks to our friends at VeChainstats, we also provide external links to track each and every transaction (by TxID) to give users a chance to cross-check their data integrity.

All swaps and liquidity actions are marked as external links, and you can click to follow.

External links to VeChainStats

Special Thanks!

It has never occurred to us as a small anonymous team that we could have such a good user base. Sincerely thank you, those who use VeRocket daily and entrust us with the funds' safety (audit_report.pdf).

We are part-time developers but never take the responsibility lightly. We stick to our milestones published on Github and #KeepBuilding is our motto. There is still a tough journey ahead and we will make sure to put our hearts into it.

Next month, we will gradually publish new upgrades and tutorials on how to use the charts, to name a few:

  • Mobile version
  • Tutorials on Gitbook (documentation center)
  • Farm and traders leaderboards
  • Better ranking metrics (USD).

If you find any bugs, feel free to contact us on Twitter @Verocket and raise your improvement ideas in the Telegram chat and the mods will reply to you.

Although we keep a mysterious outfit and don’t reply to questions, we will read every comment and take your opinion into account.

See you in the VeChain world!

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