VeRocket Integrates Fee-delegation: A Bless for Trades, A Promise to Holders
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VeRocket Integrates Fee-delegation: A Bless for Trades, A Promise to Holders

by Alex

Hello VeRocket citizens! Hello Moon Lander Silver NFT holders! Today, we are glad to share a grand feature upgrade with you, which can enhance your experience on the most important spectrums on a DEX platform, that is, faster trades and lower fees.

It does sound dreamy. But in fact, we dreamt of paying for it!


Fee Delegation is the crown jewel of the VeChain blockchain. It is an unprecedented innovation, which recently attracted the most attention of the community thanks to @VeChainEnergy.

Our users, who have amazingly traded 13 million VET on a single day on VeRocket, and harvested 3315 silver nfts, are waiting for this feature. We think there is no better time to fulfill our promise on the roadmap.

When & How

  • VIP-191 Fee Delegation will be officially live on May 16th, 2022 12:00 UTC (estimated).
  • The update will be shown on
  • Update is compatible across Sync 1 and Sync 2 wallets.
  • If the trial run is stable, we will increase the daily quota.

It’s For Everyone

For Regular Users
For Moon Lander Silver Holders

Anyone who has held this NFT(*) for the last 24 hours, is eligible for the following rights:

  • Up to 4 VTHO each swap is paid
  • 10 swaps/day is delegated
  • No compound of NFTs of a single user for now. **

* Each Moon Lander Silver NFT was a special gift that we distributed during first period of 2022, as a reward to early liquidity providers and users.

** It's only a start! More attributes of Moon Lander NFTs will be revealed in the future.

What You Will See

As simple as a dialog of “Tx fee will be paid by the app” will pop out when you hit the confirm button on the Sync desktop version. On Sync 2 it will be more minimalistic and you won’t see a message on it (hey Sync 2 authors!). However, if you check the transaction details it will show delegated.

pic of paid tx with fee delegation enabled
Pic of paid tx with fee delegation enabled

Keep Building

Crypto isn't euphoric right now. We, at the VeRocket team, cherish it most when our users trust our product day by day with their funds, assets, and confidence.

We are big stakeholders of VET tokens and have donated half of our holdings to fund the liquidity of pools. With our faith still in decentralization, our efforts are in the right place to push out features as fast as we can. This integration is just a further step.

If you feel uncertain of the crypto future, or just want to list your coins on a DEX, welcome to pm us on Twitter @VeRocket and chat with other community members on Telegarm.

Don't let your tokens sleep in the wallet, make them work for you.
– VeRocket Team twitter social icon Tweet

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