VFA Token and VSEA/VFA Trading Pair Now Live on VeRocket
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VFA Token and VSEA/VFA Trading Pair Now Live on VeRocket

by Alex

We're thrilled to announce that VeRocket, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on VeChain, has now listed VFA, the native token of the VFox Alliance project, as well as the VSEA/VFA trading pair. This significant development enables users to trade and invest in these two exciting projects using a secure and decentralized platform.

What's VFA

VFA (VFox Alliance) is the utility token that powers the VFox Alliance ecosystem, an innovative platform focused on NFTs and the metaverse. With a unique tokenomics model designed for long-term growth and sustainability, VFA is set to make a significant impact in the rapidly growing NFT and metaverse sectors. For a detailed overview of VFA's tokenomics and use cases, please visit this Medium article:

What's VSEA

VSEA, on the other hand, is the native token of the VeSea project, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to revolutionize the digital economy through its unique platform and services. By listing the VSEA/VFA trading pair on VeRocket, traders can now access and invest in both projects with ease.

Start trading today

Make sure to follow VFox Alliance on Twitter @VFoxAllianceNFT for the latest news and updates on the project.

Start trading VFA and the VSEA/VFA pair on today and join the growing community supporting these innovative projects!

If you want to list your coins on a DEX, welcome to pm us on Twitter @VeRocket and chat with other community members on Telegarm.

Don't let your tokens sleep in the wallet, make them work for you.
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